Be the owner of a racehorse.

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BlockHorseRacing is the thrilling horse racing game based on the Hive blockchain technology! In this game, you will have the chance to immerse yourself in the exciting world of horse racing and experience the thrill of owning or sponsoring one of these magnificent creatures..

At BHR, our goal is to create a fun, fair, and rewarding gaming experience for all players. We've designed an intuitive and user-friendly game that allows you to dive into the world of horse racing from the get-go. Moreover, our NFT system ensures that each horse and mare is truly unique, with distinctive abilities and characteristics that set them apart in the game.

But BHR is more than just a horse racing game. We're also building a robust blockchain ecosystem that offers a wide range of opportunities and benefits for players:

Horse Owners:

  • Participation in regular and official races.

  • Prizes for rankings in each race.

  • Breeding unique NFTs.

  • Commissions for every sponsorship ticket sold.

  • Daily token mining.

  • Access to special events and promotions.

  • Participation in NFT and fungible token markets.

  • Other opportunities that may arise in the game.


  • Earnings from every sponsorship ticket sold.

  • Direct rewards in tokens or cryptocurrencies.

  • Chance to win additional prizes if your horse finishes in the top positions.

  • Access to exclusive events and special promotions.

  • Participation in NFT and fungible token markets.

  • Other promotional and participation opportunities in the game.

In summary, BHR offers an exciting and ever-evolving gaming experience, allowing you to enjoy horse racing in a whole new and rewarding way. Join us today and start your journey into the thrilling world of horse racing on the Hive blockchain. We'll see you at the starting line!

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