Security and Privacy

The point of security and privacy is fundamental to our blockchain game, as we aim to provide our users with a safe and reliable experience at all times. To achieve this, we have implemented various measures to ensure the protection of their funds and personal data.

Firstly, we have decided to divide the liquidity pools into several accounts, which will allow us to minimize the risks associated with fund security. This way, in case of a hack or security breach, only a portion of the pool will be affected and not the entire invested capital.

Furthermore, as a blockchain game, we will not collect any personal data from users. To register for the game, users only need to have an account on Hive, which guarantees their privacy and anonymity. However, in case of any type of abuse of the system, we will have the authority to ban responsible users to protect the integrity of the game and the community in general.

In summary, security and privacy are important values to us, and we have taken the necessary measures to protect our users and their funds from any type of risk or threat. With these measures, we aim to provide a safe and reliable experience to all our users and make our blockchain game an attractive and trustworthy option for the investment of their funds.

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