1. What is BlockHorsesRacing (BHR)?

  • BHR is a horse racing game on the Hive blockchain where users can bet on races, buy and sell horse NFTs, and participate in the Hive gaming ecosystem..

  1. What do I need to play BHR?

  • You only need a Hive account and some tokens to start playing.

  1. How can I get tokens?

  • HIVE tokens can be purchased on various cryptocurrency exchanges or earned through participation in the Hive ecosystem, such as posting content on the Hive social platform or playing other games on the Hive blockchain.

  1. How can I buy and sell horse NFTs?

  • Horse NFTs can be bought and sold on the BlockHorsesRacing marketplace. To buy a horse NFT, users must have enough tokens in their account and select the NFT they want to purchase. To sell a horse NFT, users must list their NFT on the marketplace and wait for another user to buy it.

  1. How can I earn tokens by playing BHR?

  • Users can earn tokens through participation in horse races, selling horse NFTs, and participating in the Hive gaming ecosystem.

  1. When will horse races be available?

  • Horse races will be available after the game's presale and the launch of the racing system.

  1. What is the difference between a common horse and a legendary horse?

In Horse Racing on the Blockchain, legendary horses are a category of elite horses that have unique and exceptional attributes that make them more valuable than common horses. These attributes may include a higher maximum speed, greater endurance, and faster recovery after the race. Legendary horses are also rarer, making them more valuable and desired by collectors and players who seek a more challenging experience.

9.-Can I train my horses to improve their skills and performance in the races?

Yes, you can train your horses to improve their performance in the races. The game has a training system in which you can allocate skill points to different attributes of your horse, such as speed, endurance, recovery, and others. These skill points can be earned through different activities within the game, such as races or tasks. By assigning skill points to different attributes, you can improve your horse's performance in the race and increase your chances of winning.

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