Sponsorship system

In the world of NFT horse racing in Block Horse Racing, winning can be achieved in multiple ways, this time we will explain the exciting sponsorship system. This system simulates traditional racetrack betting, giving you the opportunity to choose which horse (or horses) to back. If the chosen horse is victorious, you can obtain fantastic benefits, which can be up to 100 times (100x) the amount of tokens with which you sponsored the winning horse.

But that's not all. Our Sponsorship System also gives you multiple ways to win with the same ticket. You can earn tokens if your horse finishes in the top three positions, not just the first one. This makes the sponsorship more fun and rewarding.

But wait, there is more! Our horse support system not only benefits backers, but also rewards the owners of the NFTs whose horses compete. As an additional incentive, 5% of the total sponsorship amount received for each horse will be given to the horse owner as an additional reward. What's even better, every horse, regardless of his final position, is eligible for this additional reward as long as he competes and receives player sponsorship. At Block Horse Racing, all of our horses are winners and this same philosophy extends to our support system.

Sponsors also benefit from earning both SWAP.HIVE network tokens and in-game tokens, you can trade these tokens or use them to get valuable chests full of prizes to be used in the game, creating a valuable opportunity for NFT horse owners. This creates a dynamic of collaboration and mutual benefit between the competing horse owners and the sponsors, fostering a shared pursuit of victory and lucrative rewards. It's a game-changing evolution that adds a new level of excitement and opportunity to the entire gaming experience.

To join this Sponsorship System, you need to get the SWAP.HIVE token, which you can buy in the market or exchange for other supported tokens in the HIVE network. Then you can deposit them in the game wallet and buy tickets to sponsor horses in the races. Each ticket costs 0.1 SWAP.HIVE, a minimum deposit of 1 SWAP.HIVE and a maximum of 5 SWAP.HIVE.

To choose the horses you want to sponsor, simply head to the race results tab, select an open race with registered participants, and a menu will appear displaying the participating horses and their statistics. This will help you make an informed choice on which horse to support with your sponsorship. You can effectively support the horse of your choice by sponsoring from one ticket up to a maximum of 25, and evaluate the dividends that the horse pays for each support ticket it receives. The horse with the most sponsors becomes the favorite, offering a modest dividend multiplier in the event of victory, while the underdogs offer higher dividend multipliers, creating an exciting and strategic dynamic for backers

Join the excitement of NFT horse racing at Block Horse Racing, where the sponsorship system not only offers lucrative returns for backers, but also ensures that each horse has the potential to win big. Place your bets, take your pick, and experience the thrill of cheering your favorite NFT horses to victory.

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