Welcome to the exciting world of BlockHorseRacing! In this chapter, we will introduce you to the basic gameplay concepts in BHR

Objective of the Game: The objective of the game is to become the most successful and respected owner of horses in the world of blockchain horse racing. You will need to train and breed horses, compete in races, and improve your skills to win prizes and increase your prestige.

Horse Training and Breeding: Once you have your horse, you can train it to improve its skills and statistics. Horse training can only be done once after each completed race, with each race having an entry cost directly related and proportional to the number of points the horse can train after the race. It's important to note that the last-place finisher in the race receives free training, which you won't want to miss to improve your horse's stamina and speed. The better your training, the higher your chances of winning races and the greater your daily mining rewards.

Horse Racing: After obtaining your horse, it's time to compete in races. In BHR, there are various races available in different categories and difficulty levels. Each race has its own rules and registration requirements, which may include specific horse skills or characteristics. To participate in a race, you must register your horse and wait for the race to start. During the race, your horse's abilities will be tested in a random system, where a randomly generated number will represent the total points earned by the horse in the race. The goal is to obtain the highest number of points and be the first to cross the finish line to win prizes and recognition.

Buying and Selling Horses: In addition to breeding and training your own horses, you can also buy and sell horses in the marketplace. This can be a quick way to acquire horses with unique skills and statistics, negotiate with other players for the best prices, and find the best opportunities to improve your stable.

Buying and Selling Utility NFTs: Utility NFTs are essential for the game's smooth economy. These NFTs provide owners with various rewards for their use, including allowing token mining, increasing skill points for your horse's races, boosting points, boosting mining, saving time between races, and others. These NFTs can be obtained using in-game tokens by opening chests or directly on the market with other players.

Sponsorships: In the traditional system of racetracks and horse racing, betting is a significant part of the excitement, adrenaline, and economic benefits. Together, we will create a decentralized system, leveraging the advantages of blockchain combined with a semi-traditional scheme in Block Horse Racing. The proposed sponsorship system allows entry into the game's economy, providing sponsors with the opportunity to enjoy themselves while earning economic rewards, offering more benefits than a traditional system. Sponsoring a racehorse within BHR can reward you in multiple ways. In over 90% of cases, races feature only 8 horses, and you earn rewards for finishing in the top 6 positions. These rewards are valuable in-game resources that you can strategically use to achieve your goals.

Competition and Live Events: Immerse yourself in competition against players from around the world in exciting live events. Participate in epic races and challenges that will push you to the limit and allow you to demonstrate your skills as a breeder and horse trainer.

Rewards and Prestige: Every time you participate in a race, you will earn tokens. These tokens can be redeemed for chests or traded on the open market. Additionally, your successes in races and the quality of your horses will earn you prestige in the BHR community. As you win races and build your reputation, you'll be able to access higher levels and earn even greater rewards. Now you're ready to start playing in BHR! Feel free to explore and experiment with different strategies and approaches to become the best in the world of blockchain horse racing.

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