Selecting winners

At present, we have kept the variables determining race results fairly simple to provide a solid foundation for the game. As we progress further, rest assured that we will be incorporating additional elements to make the races increasingly complex, competitive, and engaging.

How is the score table for each race determined?

The score table for each race is designed for simplicity while ensuring a fair calculation based on the attributes of the competing equine NFTs. The overall points garnered by an NFT is computed through the following process:

  1. Sum up the fundamental statistics - speed, endurance, and agility - of the equine NFT.

  2. Divide and multiply the total of the sum of statistics by the figures generated by the RNG (random number generator) for that specific NFT.

  3. Finally, the health points are added to the above calculation to arrive at the final score for the NFT horse in that particular race. Health points are a randomly generated number with a range from 0 to 100

By incorporating this effortless yet effective scoring methodology, we aim to provide a transparent and engaging Block Horse Racing experience, allowing you to celebrate the accomplishments of your prized equine NFTs!

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