BlockHorseRacing game features a series of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) that are unique and non-replicable. These NFTs are used to represent different elements of the game, such as horses, jockeys, equipment, objects, and more. The main NFTs that can be obtained in the game are as follows:

Horses: Horses are a fundamental part of the game, as they are the ones competing in the races. Each horse has unique characteristics, such as speed, endurance, strength, and more. These horses can be obtained through purchasing chests or winning races.

Jockeys: Jockeys are in charge of riding the horses during the races. Like horses, each jockey has unique characteristics that make them more efficient in certain types of races.

Equipment: Equipment is an important part of the game, as it helps improve the characteristics of horses and jockeys. Equipment items include horseshoes, whips, martingales, studs, gringolas, corrective caps, and more.

Special objects: These are unique objects that can be used to improve the game experience. Some examples may include decorative elements, collectible objects, boosters, and other similar items. NFTs in the game have significant value as they are unique and cannot be replicated. This makes them a valuable form of collecting and trading in markets.

As for the availability of utility NFTs, they can only be obtained through purchasing chests with the game's main currency BHR. In a second stage, a market will be opened where NFTs of all kinds can be bought and sold. To maintain the value and exclusivity of the NFTs, a scarcity and regulation system will be applied on the quantity of main NFTs. The maximum amount of NFTs to be created will be:

Legendary: 325

Mythic: 600

Epic: 1000

Spectral: 1500

Rare: 2000

Uncommon: 2000

Common: 2000

The total number of equine NFTs available in the game will be 18,850.

We hope this helps you understand how NFTs work in the BlockHorseRacing game.

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