Token mining

Another pathway for your NFTs to generate valuable revenue

Introducing BHRT

The Block Horse Racing token (BHRT) is a new cryptoasset that you'll accumulate for having equine NFTs in the game. Each NFT—irrespective of its rarity—possesses a foundational mining power, earning you a fixed amount of tokens daily. To add to the basic mining rewards, each NFT in Block Horse Racing also possesses the potential to increase the number of tokens earned. This increase in tokens is determined by the rarity of the NFT and the training it has undergone. Each rarity level offers a unique bonus, so the rarer and better trained your NFT, the more tokens you can earn.

Furthermore, it is crucial to highlight that only horses that have been fed with either hay or alfalfa are eligible to receive the mining token.

Earning Potential

Your mining returs is determined by the number of equine NFTs you possess. Every NFT, regardless of its rarity, assures a basic earning of 30 tokens daily, to this basic mining power an additional amount of tokens can be added depending on the rarity and the training that the NFT has received, Endurane is the attribute that affects this mining power, through training the increase in Endurance ranges from 1 to 200 points. The increase in Endurance points gained per training is multiplied by the unique Mining Bonus value that each rarity have and added to the base mining power, resulting in the total mining power contributed by each NFT to its owner.

The Role of BHRT in Block Horse Racing Economy

Its primary use is to purchase the exclusive Magical Chests containing impressive rewards like utility NFTs such as hay and alfalfa, that can be used to feed your horses, you can also win health-boosting NFTs like apples and carrots, as well as some essential items like the utility NFTs for the health care of your horses, recovery of races and the precious breeding right. Another important use of the new BHRT token is its role as an entry token for races. This means you can compete in races to win even more tokens

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