How to feed your horse

Feeding your horses is crucial to maintaining their health. It is not only important, but essential. By providing them with proper nutrition, you can increase their health points. The bonus points they receive will depend on the type of feed you use, whether hay or alfalfa. Horses fed hay will receive a 50 health point bonus, while those fed alfalfa will receive an 80 health point bonus. It is important to keep in mind that if you do not comply with your horse's diet, it will gradually lose health points. Therefore, be sure to prioritize their nutrition to keep them in good health.

In addition to feeding your horses hay or alfalfa, there are also two types of treats available that provide additional health points. These delicacies include carrots, which grant a 40 health point bonus, and apples, which grant a 60 health point bonus. You have the flexibility to apply up to two of these treats to your horse in whatever combination you prefer. These treats can further improve your horses' health and contribute to their overall performance.

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