1. Ideation and Conceptualization: During this stage, the game idea was defined, and the main objectives were established. Market research was conducted, and opportunities for the game were evaluated. The roles and responsibilities of the development team were also defined.

  2. Design and Layout: In this phase, designs for the user interface were created, and sketches of the main screens of the game were created. The overall structure of the game was designed, and gameplay mechanics were determined. Additionally, characters were created, and the visual and sound aspects of the game were defined.

  3. Gameplay: During this stage, work was done on creating game mechanics, such as the racing system, the chest system, and the resource system. The game map was designed, and how players interact with the game was defined.

  4. Game Economy: At this point, the game economy was developed, including the creation of a main currency and the design of chests that players can buy with that currency. The exchange market was also established, and a scarcity system was applied to avoid inflation and market manipulation.

    Website Design: In this phase, the game website was created, and its structure was developed. Information about the game, screenshots, and demonstration videos of the game were included. A registration and purchase space was also created for users interested in the game.

  5. Community: The community is a crucial part of the success of any online game. Our main communication channel will be Discord, where users can connect with other players, share strategies, and discuss changes and updates to the game. We also plan to work closely with the communities of other Hive games, such as Hashkings, Infernal Coliseum, and BigDogBones, to create a network of collaboration and mutual growth.

  6. Pre-Sale: The pre-sale will be a crucial phase for the success of the game as it will allow users to get early access to the game and secure ownership of certain limited edition NFTs. It will also be an opportunity for the development team to gather feedback from users to improve the game experience before its full release.

  7. Racing: Once the pre-sale is completed, the racing system will be activated. Users will be able to train and care for their horses to compete in online races and earn the game's main currency, XXXX. The health and physical condition of the horse will be critical factors for success in the races, incentivizing users to care for and maintain their horses in optimal conditions.

  8. Exchange Market: After the racing phase, an exchange market will be enabled, where users can trade game NFTs, including utilities and limited editions from the pre-sale. The game's main token, XXXX, can also be freely exchanged on the Hive market.

  9. Jockeys: In a more advanced stage, the option to use jockeys in races will be enabled. These characters can improve horse skills and provide an additional advantage to users in races.

    Betting System: Finally, a betting system will be implemented that will allow users to bet their tokens on horse races, increasing prizes and reward pools. This will increase the value of game NFTs and provide an exciting and competitive experience for users.

  10. Marketing and Promotion: Once the game is available for use in alpha, it is essential to promote it to reach a wider audience. Different marketing strategies will be used, including advertising campaigns on social media and search engines, collaborations with content creators, and participation in gaming events and conferences. The goal is to create awareness about the game, generate interest, and increase the number of active players.

  11. Development of New Features: As the game is developed, and feedback from the community is used, new features and improvements that could be added to the game to enhance the user experience will be identified. This may include adding new types of races, incorporating new coins and objects into the game,Creating new game mechanics and optimizing overall game performance.

  12. Launch and follow-up: Finally, once all previous stages have been completed and the game is fully developed, it will be released to the general public. After the launch, the team will continue to monitor the game's performance and work on continuous improvements. There will also be open communication with the player community, and feedback and suggestions will be collected to further enhance the game.

After achieving these milestones, a new roadmap will be revealed that includes more details about the game's features, improvements, and future goals. We hope the game is well received by the Hive gaming community and are excited to see how it will develop in the future.

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