Magical Chests

Get Magical Chests with BHRT Tokens and obtain valuable utility NFTs

Magical chests are an exciting new addition to the game! They offer you a fantastic opportunity to acquire a diverse range of valuable NFTs that will greatly enhance your racing experience. These powerful items will enable you to diversify your gameplay strategy and achieve incredible performance on the race tracks. By unlocking magical chests, you can elevate your gaming journey and reap the rewards of NFTs in an enjoyable and fulfilling manner. Get ready to take your game to the next level with magical chests!

The magical chests come in three different types: common chests, rare chests, and epic chests. Each chest holds an amazing surprise of utility NFTs that are generated randomly. This means every time you open a chest, you're in for an exciting and unpredictable experience, with the chance to discover valuable and game-enhancing items. Happy chest-opening and good luck with your NFT collection!

Introducing the latest collection of NFTs from Magic Chests! These remarkable NFTs offer exciting advantages for your horses in the world of racing.

Firstly, we present NFTs that open up more opportunities for your horses to participate in races. You can acquire NFTs that provide you with an additional 10, 25, or even 50 races! Imagine increasing the chances to showcase your horse's extraordinary abilities on the race tracks.

Next, we have NFTs designed to restore your horse's health. With these unique NFTs, you can enhance your horse's well-being by 3, 5, 10, or an impressive 30 points! Keeping your horse in optimal condition is crucial for maintaining peak performance.

Furthermore, we offer NFTs that grant bonus points for races. These NFTs can add to your horse an incredible 300, 500, or even 1000 bonus points! Apply these NFTs to your horse, and watch as their chances increase for greater success in every competition. It's important to note that the points you receive from these NFTs are randomly generated, adding an element of surprise to each race.

Last but not least, we're glad to introduce breeding NFTs. By gaining these exclusive NFTs, you gain the ability to breed and create new equine NFTs. The numbers required for the creation process mirror those of the first generation. The lower limit is determined by the horse with the lowest rarity, while the upper limit is determined by the horse with the highest rarity. This allows for the creation of unique and valuable equine NFTs that embody the finest traits of their lineage.

Enjoy the opportunities presented by these extraordinary NFTs. Enhance your horse's racing capabilities, restore their health, win bonus points, and explore the world of breeding. Experience the thrill of this new collection from Magic Chests and take your equine endeavors to new heights!

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