Special Chests

A fabulous and exclusive prize for competitors who come in 8th place

The special chests serve as an incentive for finishing in 8th place in an 8 horse race. If you manage to take the 8th position, you will be rewarded with these unique chests

You can earn these chests by participating in races that reward BHR, the in-game currency. The number of chests you get depends on the BHR value of the race, multiplied by 10. For example, if the race awards 1 BHR, you will get 10 chests as the 8th place finisher

These chests stack up as you participate in the races, ready for you to open whenever you decide. Whether you crack open just one or go for the big reveal opening a large number, the choice is yours

Unlike the other chests in the game, these special chests do not need keys to unlock them. These chests contain a large number of prizes including utility NFTs, BUDS, BHR, BHRT, racing implements and the other chests and keys in the game . This is a great way to enhance your gaming and enjoy the game more.

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