Obtain valuable utility NFTs by opening chests.

Chests are an essential part of the game. It's necessary to keep your horse in good condition so that it doesn't suffer the penalties of poor care. In addition, you can get additional benefits by applying food, implements, or other objects that you will only find in the chests.

There are three types of chests: common, rare, and epic. These chests contain utility NFTs that are randomly created. We will list here the types of chests to obtain. Note that the number 9 represents implement-type NFTs. In this case, any implement will have the same probability of being obtained.

Range of chest possibilities by percentage:

Common chest:

1-55% 2-10% 3-10% 4-6% 5-6% 6-4% 7-4% 8-3% 9-2%

Rare chest:

1-40% 2-12% 3-12% 4-8% 5-8% 6-6% 7-6% 8-4% 9-4%

Epic chest:

1-38% 2-10% 3-10% 4-10% 5-10% 6-6% 7-6% 8-5% 9-5%

Remember that BHR is required to open chests. This will complete the BHR cycle and, at the same time, maintain the scarcity of the token in the market

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